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We are particularly looking for talanted Chinese University students in Germany to join our interpreter team. If you are interested in getting involved, please join us! 

Your part-time job title: Interpreter (Face to Face)


I. Summary of position: facilitates communication between an English or German speaker by accurately and completely interpreting what each has said using the consecutive mode of interpretation.


II. Main Accountabilities

Provides accurate and complete interpretations of verbal messages as uttered by 51LDH.COM's clients and their customers of limited English proficiency.

Ensures the highest level of services quality by following all interpreting guidelines and procedures as set forth by 51LDH.COM

Provides excellent customer service to 51LDH's clients


Language Proficiency:  Ability to comprehend and express accurately in both languages on various subjects.

Educational level: Must enter your third semester or above in German Uni..

Work experience:  At least once working as an interpreter in Germany.

Concentration:  Ability to continue with the thread of the conversation over a long period of time.

Memory skills:  the ability to remember a block of information with accuracy. 


Customer Service skills:  Ability to maintain a professional demeanor through the workday, demonstrate sensitivity to different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures; exceeds the expectations of our clientele. 

Adaptability:  Adjusts, modifies own behavior, and remains flexible in responses to changing situations, or people expressing varying perspectives; maintains high performance, emotional composure, and objectivity.

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